Hafeez Center COVID-19 SOP's

Dear Customers,

As we all are going through this pandemic sitaution. Due to sudden rise in effectiveness of this virus, Hafeez Center union has decided to impose all kind of precautionary measures in place to make this market a safer place.

In collaboration with the government, Union has devised following SOP's which are mandatory to be followed for every shopkeeper and customers who are coming in and out of Hafeez Center.

1- Masks are mandatory for everyone entering into the premises.

2- Disinfection tunnels have been placed on all the enterances.

3- There is "No Mask , No Service" policy strictly has been implemented and instructions has been given to shopkeepers as well

4- Keep yourself sanitized and try to keep social distance wherever possible.

We have facilitated our customers with this online platform. where they can easily get the items they need without coming to center and can safely place orders online.  All provided products will come under Union Guarntee.

Keep an eye on the NEWS section to stay updated with news related to Hafeez Center. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Hafeez Center Union